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Surrounded by towering red rock cliff, ancient Creosote bush and expansive blue sky, we are centered within beautiful Sedona, AZ. Stories have been shared that the First Peoples of the Americas, the Sacred Geometric Peoples, the White Robbed Peoples, Star Voyagers, Atlantean’s, Lumarian’s and various peoples are interwoven into the Sedona Landscape Matrix. We adore the ancestors and all beings and we acknowledge all individuals and peoples as Weavers of the Weaving.

Traditionally, Sedona and the greater Verde Valley is home to the Yavapé, Wipukepa and Dilzhé’é people (now incorporated into the Yavapai-Apache Nation).  Beginning in 1583, the Verde Valley began to be forcefully colonized by Euro-American empires, altering the lives of those who were already living in the area.  Today, the ancestors of the Yavapé, Wipukyipai and Dilzhé’é people live in Camp Verde, Clarkdale and throughout northern Arizona.

Despite its beauty, the last 500 years in the Verde Valley have been marked by Spanish intrusion, America’s systemic genocide of Indigenous peoples and their knowledge, environmental exploitation and the commodification of the natural world. Recognizing that the Earth ‘Mother’, all peoples and their cultures are being systemically destroyed, House Mountain invites you to give your self lovingly to the land and to honor all peoples who walked before us and with us, to cultivate cultural Reverence and Freedom, social Love and Equality and economic Cooperation and Camaraderie. May our contributions foster a healthy, just and regenerative community, free from all forms of oppression.

Further information regarding the history of the Verde Valley can be found in Timothy Braatz’s Surviving Conquest: A History of the Yavapai Peoples and online at the Yavapai-Apache Nation webpage.

Look for more stories, reviews, pictures, recommendations and bits of useful information related to the Verde Valley and Northern Arizona soon!  If you have anything to share with us that you’d like to see posted, email us at housemountain@housemountain.org

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