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[FLG] 4th Annual LIBERATE EARTH DAY! – Call for Workshops

The 4th Annual Liberate Earth Day is COMING UP SOON and we encourage you to support the Taala Hooghan Infoshop (Flagstaff) and their donation-based community events.  Full details are posted below!  Please spread the word about Liberate Earth Day and join in the ongoing community discussions related to green consumerism, ecocide, colonialism, sustainability, DIY tricks and future survival.

As posted on TaalaHooghan.org:

Greetings ,
Taala Hooghan Infoshop is hosting it’s 4th Annual Liberate Earth Day!
We are inviting folks to propose workshops, discussions, films, etc for this years event.
This year LED will be held on Sunday April 22 from 1-7pm at Taala Hooghan Infoshop. As always, this event is free to attend.
Please send workshop proposals by March 31st to infofosho@gmail.com. Space is very limited!
We’ll work to notify folks of participation as soon as we get proposals in.


Earth Day has become an act of ritualized consumption by corporations and state agencies that greenwash their eco-cidal actions. LED is an educational and active anti-capitalist/anti-colonial event that addresses direct and meaningful ways towards healthy and sustainable communities.
In the past we’ve had skill-shares on sacred lands protection, direct action, permaculture,  discussions on eco-feminism, green scare and much more.
Join us for this educational and active event for an end to corporate greenwashing & “green” capitalism!


Some workshops and discussion at previous Liberate Earth Day events:
3rd Annual Workshops:
Anarchist Understandings of Nature and Social Change
Moon Time Liberation
An Affordable Way to Catch and Dispense Your Water
Green Consumerism: The Misguided Discourse on Sustainability
The Green Washing of the Prison Industrial Complex
Film Presentation: “Animal Exploitation, Heteropatriarchy and the Three Pillars of White Supremacy.”
Underlying Contradictions in Liberation Struggles: A Discussion on Strategies Towards Meaningful Support and Solidarity
2nd Annual Workshops:
Abolish Profit Farming & the Importance of Autonomous Agriculture
Green Consumerism: The Misguided Discourse on Sustainability
Derrick Jensen: The Problem of Civilization and Resistance
(online video discussion)
Defending Sacred Lands – Intersections of environmental and
social struggles for justice
Direct Action: Tactical training and discussion
1st Annual:
Abolishing the Non-profit Industrial Complex
Indigenous Traditionalism, Sustainability, & Civilization
Guerilla Gardening
Green Consumerism
Addressing the “Green Scare”
 Please visit TaalaHooghan.org for more information