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Following the Honey Trail – Summer Research Tour

We are happy to announce that this summer we will be on the road promoting top bar beekeeping.  With the launch of our new website, Top-Bar-Beehives.com, we will be traveling throughout the midwest and southwest, capturing the stories, experiences and lessons of beekeepers and bee lovers!  We will keep everyone updated on our Blog at Top-Bar-Beehives.com and will be reposting most of the stories here at House Mountain.

Overall, we hope to connect and network with both backyard and commericial beekeepers in order to learn important lessons about the history of top bar beekeeping, hive management, building stronger beekeeping communities, and how to resist pesticide use, as well as capture some of the stories of folks’ expereinces over the years.

We hope that you join us in learning more about top bar beekeping and we are looking forward to meeting everyone along the way!

– Russell