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Harvesting Feral Mulberries

With a warm spring upon us, it’s the perfect time to collect some of many mulberries found through out the Verde Valley.  In Page Springs, we visited our aunt and uncle’s farm where we found numerous mulberry trees ripe with hundreds (probably thousands) of small purplish, semi-sweet berries.  With many of the berry clusters hanging high above in the trees (about 10-40 ft), we used an old climbing rope and a flat sheet to collect what we could reach.  After shaking the trees, we collected the berries off of the sheet and cleaned them up with a cold rinse.  After rinsing with water, most of the berries were spread onto baking sheets and placed into the freezer so they can be saved for future use.  In a day or so, the frozen berries can be moved off of the baking sheets and into freezable glass jars and/or freezer bags.  Overall, collecting mulberries was an enjoyable way to spend the afternoon and is one great way to incorporate local, feral foods into your diet.