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Welcome to House Mountain

Welcome to House Mountain! We are a traditional wood working collective based in Sedona (Occupied Dilzhé’é & Wipukepa Territories) that specializes in handmade children’s toys and other useful garden, kitchen and household tools.

We use a mix of wood that is locally grown and harvested, recycled, and Forest Steward Certified for all of our toys & tools. Sycamore from Page Springs has recently been harvested and is being processed by hand in small batches in Sedona.

A few reasons why to support House Mountain:

– Our use of locally grown and harvested woods helps resist industrial logging practices and ecological destruction.
– Supporting locally made toys & tools keeps wood working traditions alive for future generations
– Five percent of all proceeds are donated to regional collectives, projects and organizations engaged in building non-hierarchical community spaces, countering oppressions and creating healthy, just and sustainable futures.
– Our use of non-toxic oils and finishes helps contribute to healthier lives
– Our gender neutral toys & tools helps to counter patriarchy and fosters untamed imaginations
– All toys & tools are available at fair-trade value or through other non-monetary agreements [we strongly encourage barter/trade]

We hope that our toys & tools will instigate creativity, contribute to the success of personal projects and be fully enjoyed by all!

Thank you for visiting,

House Mountain


***To contact us, please email housemountain@housemountain.org