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Bamboo Garden Seeder/Plant Start Knife

Garden Seeders

These garden seeders help you distribute seeds into start trays or the ground. Using your thumb, comfortably slide seeds down the bamboo shaft and into any hole (on a plug tray or in the ground). Also, you can use this tool as a plant start knife to transfer plant starts into the ground. Slide bamboo shaft around any rooted plug tray plant, wiggle, slide the plant out with the ‘knife’ blade, and transfer to a predetermined hole in the garden. All Bamboo Garden Seeders/Plant Knives are made from hand harvested bamboo, grown locally in Sedona, and processed in small batches when needed.

$16.00, $14.00, $12.00

Sizes currently available: Large, Medium or Small Seeders
Based on the size of seed (ex: corn kernel – Large, lettuce seed – small)
Please specify seeder size when ordering.