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Local Ponderosa Pine Building Blocks

Set of 42 handcrafted toy building blocks, including 16 squares, 4 long rectangles, 6 large rectangles, 8 small rectangles, 4 triangles 2 solid walls, 1 door way, and 1 window.  Storage bag (made from recycled, organic produce sacks) included.

$60.00 each









Miniature Kitchen Set

Pictures & prices coming soon!


Hand Harvested Sycamore Teethers










Our Mountain, River, Tooth, Triangle, Y (not pictured) & Coffee Pot Rock teethers are crafted out of locally harvested Page Springs Sycamore and is processed in small batches in Sedona. All products come unfinished but smoothly hand-sanded. Teethers are roughly 2” x 2″ although some variation may occur.

$10.00 each or 5 teethers for $40.00
Please specify teether designs when ordering.


Ceder & Walnut Tanagram Puzzle

Made from recycled Ceder & Walnut, our tanagrams help build the imagination with the exploration of shapes. Through the process of finding ways to create an elephant, a swan, a tree or any other figure your mind can come up with, you can practice expanding your imagination alone, with friends or with your child.  Puzzle set includes 7 pieces and frame, all finished with food grade mineral oil and non-toxic shellac.

$50 each

* Woods may vary from what is shown depending on availability.


Recycled Pine Hooey Sticks

Pictures & prices coming soon!


Hand Carved Forest Figures

Pictures & prices coming soon!


Custom Toy Projects – Please email for details.
Prices will be determined by labor & material costs.


*** To contact us, please email housemountain@housemountain.org

***Prices do not include Shipping & Handling. Pick-up or delivery preferred within Sedona and northern Arizona.